Helicopters and kombucha usually don’t go together, but for us, it somehow did. We (Scott Garino and Mike Wagner) met on the first day of Army flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama. We were always independent thinkers that lived a healthy lifestyle. When we discovered kombucha back in 2014, it was the perfect fit into our growing repertoire of healthy foods. We were amazed that something so healthy could taste so good. It took us 2 years of buying expensive store bought kombucha until we realized that we can make the stuff ourselves, and that we can make it with high quality ingredients that will make our kombucha taste better than most store bought brands. This realization has been recent, and like many others who have had the same realization, we are now on our journey to learn how to make high quality home brewed kombucha consistently. It is our pleasure to share everything with you!